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In countries with tropical climate, we develop so called Modell Farms, a holistic and economic based sustainable farm type. During the process of installation, there will be planted 7 different categories of products in 5 steps. After about 4 years, the small farm includes a maximum of 9 ha of farmland. Generally, the half of the land should contain forest or timberland.

AGRO Polis will indicate facts that agriculture is not only hard work for small money. On the contrary, with this modular concept, which is easy to understand, a rural family can earn even more than a factory worker or a secretary. In this process, intermediary trade is not required and overproduction in the region will be avoided.

The present strategies are taught us all from nature. We are guided by the rhythm of Flora and Fauna and follow a simple and economic system. The result is reflected in projects which need only a minimum capital and generate a maximum profit. So called Modell Farms are predestined to combat poverty, malnourishment and illiteracy apart of creating social welfare in the respective region.